Remove WordPress Smiley Face

Remove the smiley face from your WordPress website

Has a smiley face suddenly appeared in the footer of your website? If you want to remove the smiley face from your WordPress website then this post explains how you can easily achieve this.

Firstly, want to know why the smiley face has appeared in the first place?  The smiley face if it looks like  is a .gif file that the Jetpack WordPress Stats plugin adds to your site to enable the monitoring of your website’s stats.

The code added looks something like this:

<img src="" alt="" />;

There are two ways to remove the smiley face .gif while still keeping all the benefits of the Jetpack WordPress Stats plugin.

Using a Plugin

The following plugin can do the job:

The plugin adds some CSS to your website which renders the smiley face not visible.  This is the easiest method, but is not the perfect method.  Why?  The plugin adds inline CSS and as any SEO specialist would tell you Search Engines do not really like inline CSS.


Remove the Smiley face the manual way

In wp-admin, go to Appearance > Editor > style.css (or whatever your main style sheet is named). You can then just add this bit of CSS to the bottom of your style sheet (you can copy and paste exactly):

/* Remove that WordPress Stats Smiley Face */
img#wpstat s{width: 0px; height: 0px; overflow: hidden}

There you have it! We’re just using plain and simple CSS to remove the smiley face from the screen, but still loading it so the page view gets counted and it will not be inline so will not wind up Search Engines the wrong way.

Some websites may suggest you use the display:none method, however this does not work and will stop the Stats from being recorded correctly.

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